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On this webpage I would like to share some projects that I have succesfully integrated in recent years.

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May 2018

Existing state of the waterwheel.


Start of October 2020

Designing the new waterwheel.

October 2019

Useless attempt to restore old waterwheel.

December 2020

Transport and installing the waterwheel.

Middle of October 2020

Laser cutting of the iron plates

End of October 2020

Welding, assembling, painting and mounting

August 2019

Remove old waterwheel.

Dimensions of the old waterwheel

Diameter: 3,70 m

Width: 0,78 m

Height drop: 1,45 m

Type: Breastshot waterwheel

Link to federation fighting for the preservation of small-scale hydropower plants 

Link to experts for installation of small to medium hydropower plants.

Project watermill

Goal: Producing electricity with the power of water

Dimensions of the newly installed waterwheel

Diameter: 4,07 m

Width: 1 m

Height drop: 1,45 m

Type: Breastshot waterwheel

1 of januari 2021

The recently installed waterwheel.

May 2018

Existing entrance waterwheel.



Restorated entrance waterwheel.

Project: solarpanel electricity

Goal: Producing electricity with the power of sun

Started in 2011,

further details under construction

Production of electricity by the numbers

  • October 2011: commissioning of solar panels
        • day meters:    37.983 kWh
        • night meters: 29.287 kWh
  • October 2022:
        • day meters:    27.311 kWh
        • night meters: 34.233 kWh
  • Conclusion:
        • The consumption in the weekends/nights are not compensated by the sun
        • Dayly overproduction needs to be used for night/weekend consumption
  • Action
        • Installation of batterypack 5 x US3000C pylontech + Victron multiplus II 3000/48 GX +  mppt 100/250
        • Finalised in september 2022

Other measures taken

  • replace all lights with LEDS
  • tracing slumber consumers and installation of on/off switches

Project: solarpanel hot water

Goal: Producing hot water with the power of sun

Heatpipes & zonnecollectoren.

Started in 2013

Reduction of gas consumption

  • Summer 2013: Installation and commissioning of
        • 12 hot water panels (deflation system)
        • 300 l hotwaterboiler OEM with 3 heat exchangers
          • upper connected to gas boiler
          • middle connected to floor heating
          • lower connected to solar 
  • Results:
        • In the summer overproduction
        • In spring and autum:  enough hot water for kitchen and bathroom, for floorheating not able to messure
        • In the months of January and February: frequently not enough hot water
  • Actions
        • Isolation of roofs 18cm PIR
        • Isolation of outher walls 10cm PIR
        • Isoaltion of floors 8cm PIR
        • Steanless steel heatexchanger connection between swimming pool and solar to prevent overheating
        • Construction of 18m³ watertank under the house to store hot water
  • Conclusion
          • It was a lot of work and a big investment but for me it pays off

Project: windmills

Goal: Producing electricity with the power of wind

Vertical & horizontale windturbines

Started in 2017

page under construction

Project: Biogas

Goal: Producing biogas with the waste of foods

Digester & Storage

Started in the summer of 2019


Complete systems for sale

Project: energy storage

electricity on/off grid

In september 2022

page under construction

Link to my supplier

Project: boost for food

Goal: Producing foods on tiny spaces

aquaponics - hydroponics

Started in 2022

under construction

Project rainwater

Goal: use rainwater instead of drinking water

Stop wasting drinking water using rainwater for toilet, washing machine, garden irrigation...

Started in 2010

Reduction of water consumption

  • Summer 2010: Building and commissioning of
        • 10 m³ concrete tank + 4 m³
        • refurbishment of rainwater pipes
        • refurbishment water supply system in the house
        • installation of filter system
  • Results:
        • reduction waterconsuming by  more then  50%
  • Conclusion
          • It was a lot of work and not such a big investment. It pays off

Project to create a high pressure zone in your house instead of a low pressure zone

STOP dying from CO poisoning, cold feets by implementing intelligent home heating.

Think always twice before you built.

under construction